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HP Data Protector Reporter Software
Multisite enterprise reporting and SLA compliance validation

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HP Data Protector Software

HP Storage Products Data Protector Reporter Software
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HP Data Protector Reporter Software

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Organizations are facing significant challenges managing their backup environment; in particular analyzing, trouble shooting, and optimizing backup has become increasingly complicated. The introduction of new regulations and service level agreements (SLAs) adds complexities, while server virtualization sprawl has dramatically increased backup forecasting and planning needs. Critical to helping address these challenges is backup reporting software.

More than 41,000 customers around the world rely on HP Data Protector software to simplify application and data protection in virtual and physical environments through unified recovery and advanced automation. For customers who require the most advanced reporting capabilities, we provide Data Protector Reporter software. HP Data Protector Reporter is customer installable software that delivers centralized, automated reporting to improve operations and infrastructure.

Reduce business risk, increase IT efficiency

Scalable enterprise reporting
Data Protector Reporter features a powerful reporting engine that drives global, multisite backup and restore analysis, and enables IT staff to reduce the risk of data loss by easily identifying and troubleshooting issues such as failed backup clients, performance issues, and drive and media utilization. The easy-to-use console provides a central dashboard and a topographical view of your backup environment across distributed geographies. It allows members of IT staff to view their infrastructure from enterprise to site level—down to individual clients in the farthest remote office. IT staff can quickly and easily view backup client status, cell managers, media managers, library, and tape drive visibility, as well as access backup session information (figure 1). Data Protector Reporter also includes a notification function that allows customers to forward events to HP or third-party reporting or management tools such as HP Storage Essentials and IBM Tivoli.

SLA compliance validation
One of the biggest challenges facing IT staff today is validating how current backup strategies are meeting organizational goals. Data Protector Reporter features 35 out-of-the-box reports including SLA and performance reporting. Data Protector Reporter SLA summary reports (figure 2) include a graphical report to provide successful, partially successful, and failed clients; a tabular view to identify the device, number of successful sessions, failed sessions, partial sessions, and the total amount of performed sessions. The optional licensed module also provides enhanced, powerful, and customized ad hoc query and analysis reporting.

Collectively these reports help customers optimize operations to meet SLA, enhance capacity and performance to improve cost, plan for growth, and track compliance and SLAs.

Backup topology visualization Figure 1: Backup topology visualization
IT staff can easily navigate the topology and access information on each device such as backup client
status, cell managers, media managers, library, and tape drive

Backup compliance report Figure 2: Backup compliance report
This compliance report depicts session status for the time as specified by the backup administrator.

Advanced reporting in virtual environments
In virtual environments, advanced reporting functionality can be critical due to the increased need for capacity planning, management, and analysis. Ad hoc deployment of applications and operating systems associated with virtual machines (VMs) often results in inefficient use of the physical resources that underpin the virtual environment, including storage systems. Data Protector Reporter advanced reporting functionality in virtual environments helps diagnose and troubleshoot potential backup and restore issues, as well as maximize physical resources. Capacity planning reports help identify backup capacity at various levels from backup size to media utilization, media pool utilization, to tape drive and library capacity reporting. It identifies the clients consuming most of the backup resources, what media can be reclaimed based on retention levels and what can be reused for backups. This simplifies management, reduces risk, and saves resources.

Features and Benefits:

Data Protector Reporter provides a single view to manage your data protector environment and offers six core utilities including the Element Manager, Backup Manager, Policy Manager, Event Manager, System Manager, and Reporter.

Element Manager
Element Manager can help refine and navigate the elements in the system. It allows search by name, partial letters, address, or enables the creation of groups and naming conventions pertaining to these specific groups.

Backup Manager
Backup Manager provides you with comprehensive reporting on backup resources, and provides a easy-to-read dashboard with an immediate view of your backup environment.

The additional Viewing Backup Manager provides a topographical view of the Data Protector environment, including every device connected from the Data Protector cell manager down to tape libraries and tape drives. Additionally, it provides a view of successful and failed sessions, details of the session, as well as the policy associated to the session, the schedule of the session, and any messages that were driven from the failed session. Policy Manager Policy Manager automates the response to storage configuration and capacity as well as performance issues. It provides a wide range of templates including utilizations, storage system, switch and tape, and library templates as well as performance, infrastructure, and backup policies. From the Policy Manager IT staff can select a device and choose either a preconfigured policy from the list of standard templates, add a new policy template, and then select the policy properties.

Event Manager
Event Manager keeps you informed of what is happening with your managed elements. Its filter and report format allows you to easily view, clear, and sort the events you are interested in.

System Manager
System Manager provides a comprehensive view of the storage network topology. It provides element dependency, capacity and performance management capabilities illustrating what's connected to which device within the network and how it's configured.

Data Protector Reporter reporting tool
Data Protector Reporter includes 35 out-of-the-box reports that are categorized by backup clients, capacity planning, hyperlink, performance, product analysis, and SLA reports. An optional module is available that provides customized reporting capabilities.


Data Protector Reporters consists of three key components that collect, store, and report on enterprise devices and data within a Data Protector environment.

Connector: Collects the information from a single or multiple cell managers on a periodic basis and stores it in the data mine. Data Protector utilizes the Cell Request Server (CRS) service (connector) and agentless discovery to discover the backup servers and devices connected to the Data Protector Cell Manager.

Database: Uses an Oracle relational database as its underlying storage repository and contains all the information collected from the cell managers from remote locations.

Reporting Engine: The core of Data Protector Reporter, the reporting engine provides reports using data collected by the Data Protector Reporter management server, providing out-of-the box and highly customizable reports to improve backup environments and enable customer to perform SLA and compliance reporting, capacity planning, and operational analysis reporting. Some of these reports give you enterprise views of your hosts, storage systems, and backup environment. While others give you an at-a-glance analysis based on assets and compliance.

Data Protector Reporter dashboard Figure 3: Data Protector Reporter dashboard
Provides an immediate view of your backup environment, including SLAs, backup volume, and the
largest recent backup sessions, as well as a summary of failed, partial, and successful sessions.

HP Data Protector Reporter capacity planning report Figure 4: HP Data Protector Reporter capacity planning report

Out-of-the box reports:

Media availability
Media trend—media summary
Media used
Most frequently failing clients
Session queue time
SLA summary
Client backup state
CPU and memory utilization of backup client
Host volumes not backed up
Hosts not part of backup specification
Policies and schedules for hosts and
Backup SLA summary
Backup volume
Capacity dashboard
Client schedule summary
Clients status
Clients usage
Clients with consecutive failed sessions
Disabled policies
Disk drive throughput
Disk drive utilization
Effective SLA
Failed clients with error codes
Media summary by pool
Media utilization dashboard
Non-executed sessions
Session details
SLA summary by client
Top five clients based on backup volume
Backup session details
Client session details
Error session details
Backup volume growth forecast
Client performance forecast
Library performance forecast
Library utilization forecast
SLA forecast

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Download the HP Data Protector Reporter Software Datasheet (PDF).

HP Storage Products Data Protector Reporter Software
HP Storage Software
HP Data Protector Reporter Software