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HP Data Protector Software's Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery
Advanced application protection through simplified snapshots

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HP Data Protector Software

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HP Data Protector Software's Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery

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More than 41,000 customers around the world and nearly half of the Global 500 rely on the HP Data Protector software to protect their critical applications and data. Data Protector simplifies application protection in virtual and physical environments through a unified recovery and advanced automation. Global, one-touch backup configuration and a wide range of disk-based recovery options—including fully automated application recovery—help you meet virtually any SLA.

Data Protector provides snapshot support for both physical and virtual servers on HP and non-HP arrays—including the P2000, P4000, HP 3PAR, P6000, and P9000—as well as non-HP arrays, such as EMC CLARiiON and Network Appliance. Data Protector automatically detects new databases (such as Microsoft or Oracle) and virtual machines prior to beginning a backup. With a single click in the console, Data Protector verifies that the snapshot configuration you've deployed is automatically applied to new VMs or databases as they come online. The snapshot and advanced recovery functionality are enabled through the Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery extensions, both of which are centrally managed through the Data Protector console.

Address today's application protection challenges

Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery help organizations meet stringent SLAs, reduce backup windows, manage the growth of virtual infrastructures, and reduce the IT staff time required to manage backup and recovery success.

  • Back up data as often as needed, without impacting application performance.
  • Utilize snapshot support in UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux environments, as well as for today's critical applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, and more.
  • Initiate fully automated, down-to-the-second snapshot and application recovery from a single console without scripting (Figure 1).
  • Improve IT staff time through a centralized management of snapshots and replication across physical and virtual environments, including VMware vSphere 4.x, VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.x, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix Xen Server environments.
  • Automatically detect and protect virtual machines, as well as new Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle databases in physical or virtual environments.
  • Automatically apply snapshot policies to new virtual machines, as well as databases such as Microsoft and Oracle, as they change or come online.
  • Manage from a centralized location a wide variety of HP and non-HP storage, application, and third-party data protection tools.
  • Empower application administrators to recover snapshots and single items directly through the application administrator's console, without contacting the backup administrator (Data Protector Granular Recovery Extension).

Recover applications and data down to the second. Figure 1: Recover applications and data down to the second.


Data Protector snapshot extensions

Zero Downtime Backup
Zero Downtime BackupThe Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup extension delivers simple, affordable, array-based snapshot functionality, such as split-mirror snapshots and space-efficient snapshots. Data Protector also supports a generic VSS hardware provider, which works with VSS compliant storage devices. In either case, Data Protector leverages the array's processing power to create a copy of the data at very high speed. Data Protector then performs backup operations on the copy, rather than the original data. The entire process is synchronized tightly with the application inside the physical or virtual machine. Data Protector snapshot functionality is available for UNIX, Windows, and Linux environments.

The Zero Downtime Backup extension enables customers to instantly copy data to disk and then, at their convenience, back up that disk copy to tape. This staged backup process enables business applications to stay online 24x7 and maintain business-critical application performance, all while protecting critical data (Figure 2). The incremental backup feature of the Zero Downtime Backup extension provides file-level incremental snapshots from the image to tape. Only changed files are copied to tape, reducing the backup volume. In addition, Data Protector maintains snapshots on the disk array for use by the Instant Recovery feature of Data Protector. Snapshot functionality is supported on HP storage arrays, including 3PAR, P2000, P4000, P6000 and P9000, as well as non-HP arrays from vendors such as EMC and Network Appliance.

  • Fully automated creation and rotation of mirrors or snapshots
  • Application-aware protection; all application data is put into a consistent state before backups are performed
  • A choice of disk, tape, or a scheduled combination of both to meet tiered recovery requirements
  • Centralized control of the mirror specification
  • Protection of both the virtual machine and its application data with minimal performance impact

Instant Recovery
Data Protector Instant Recovery can recover the data in mere seconds, automating the entire process to meet even the most demanding recovery time objectives (RTOs). Data Protector software has the ability to access application transaction logs—where all of the application's transactions are recorded before they've been processed and/or written to a data file—and fill in the data gaps between snapshots. Data Protector then synchronizes the application with the data and restarts the application to the exact point in time—down to the second—requested by the backup administrator.

Unlike most other solutions, Data Protector does it all without scripting, which saves valuable time and resources and avoids the possible errors associated with manual solutions. Data Protector offers Instant Recovery support for HP arrays, including the P4000, P6000, and P9000. Data Protector provides snapshot support for HP 3PAR arrays today. Instant Recovery support for HP 3PAR is planned for a future release.

  • Broad support for today's mission-critical applications such as Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP
  • Point-in-time, automatic application recovery without scripting
  • Data recovery is accelerated by switching the application to a backup on disk
  • Fully automated roll-forward of transaction logs for consistent application recovery
  • Rotation of mirrors, snapshots, or snapclones on a pre-defined schedule

Protecting applications in virtual server environments

To meet varying SLAs in today's enterprise environment, IT staff must be able to apply a variety of recovery techniques across virtual servers, from single-item recovery to advanced snapshot functionality. This becomes even more important as multiple hypervisors are deployed throughout the organization and backup administrators must manage backup and recovery across physical servers as well as multiple hypervisors.

In addition, server performance and application performance can be impacted when virtual machines compete for host-server resources during the backup process. In mission-critical environments, where IT staff are typically running 10 to 20 virtual machines on a physical server, it's essential to lessen the performance impact of a virtual server backup. While some hypervisors have addressed this issue through the introduction of new applications and tools, it remains an issue in other virtual environments.

In a VMware environment, Data Protector's Zero Downtime Backup extension can dramatically speed up recovery times and virtually eliminate the backup window. Data Protector supports VMware vSphere 4.1 environments, as well as historical VMware platforms such as Virtual Infrastructure. Data Protector also supports key VMware functionality, such as the vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), and vMotion to certify that all virtual machines are protected as changes or additions occur. Data Protector automatically detects new VMs prior to beginning a backup. With a single click in the console, Data Protector ensures that the snapshot configuration you've deployed to protect your virtual machines is automatically applied to new VMs as they come online. In fact, no matter what backup method you're using, Data Protector automatically detects the hypervisor and appropriate backup method.

Integrating Data Protector into the VMware infrastructure is straightforward and requires the configuration of just a few components, including the Data Protector Cell Manager and the Virtualization Enterprise Integration Agent (VEIA).

The Data Protector cell manager is the system that manages the media and information regarding what was backed up as well as what is available for restore. The Data Protector VEIA is a fully integrated virtualization agent for both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

The VEIA can easily be installed via the integrated installation solution. The system on which this VEIA is installed becomes the backup host and manages the data transfer to the target devices for backup and restore. In VMware environments, IT staff have the ability to import Data Protector into either a vCenter or an ESX server. This simplifies management tasks by leveraging the vCenter central administrative database, removing the need to manage ESX servers individually.

The VEIA agent is consistent with the Data Protector tradition of reducing agents to simplify installation and use. Reducing agents, for example, allows customers to avoid having many entries in their software deployment screen. Using the Data Protector VEIA agent, customers simply choose VMware or Hyper-V from the drop-down menu and push it out to their servers. This is the same concept leveraged for the Data Protector online application agents, which allow administrators to select the application and install. This simplifies the management and deployment of backup and general release patch updates.

The Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup snapshot functionality avoids server performance degradation in a Hyper-V environment and provides the ability to recover the virtual machine and its application from an exact point in time–all from one console. In a Hyper-V environment, you have two options for installing the Data Protector snapshot functionality. You may install the Zero Downtime Backup agent in the parent partition, which would oversee the execution of snapshots on all the child partitions in that server. Or, you may choose to install the agent in one or more child partitions and therefore utilize the snapshot functionality for specific applications. As with VMware, Data Protector maintains snapshots on the disk array for use by the Data Protector Instant Recovery, which can recover the data in mere seconds, automating the entire process to meet even the most demanding RTOs.

Simplifying the backup workflow for tiered recovery strategies

One of the most important components of a tiered recovery strategy is the fast, flexible management of snapshots. Data Protector provides the ability for backup administrators to store snapshots on disk or tape and schedule the movement of snapshots from disk-to-disk-to-tape depending upon your recovery requirements. You can do this in a physical, virtual, or combined environment — from one console. For applications with stringent RPO/RTO requirements, Data Protector IR can be leveraged to recover snapshots to the exact second specified by the backup administrator.

Remote office protection

Backup administrators can use Data Protector to automate the execution and movement of snapshots within the same data center or campus or across distributed geographies. This enables IT staff to protect data in remote offices at from a central location and easily move backed up information to a central data center for disaster recovery, testing, or data mining purposes.

For enterprise organizations that employ multiple Data Protector Cell Managers across distributed geographies, the Data Protector Manager of Managers provides a single console through which backup and recovery operations can be managed across multiple cells worldwide. The Manager of Managers distributes control to local administrators while maintaining the ability to set overall policies and monitor the entire environment. As a result, corporate policies can be implemented without encroaching on local control and responsibility, while data protection and storage management costs do not fluctuate.

More power with HP Storage

Data Protector software provides sophisticated snapshot integration with HP Storage arrays including 3PAR, P2000, P4000, P6000, and P9000.

Centralized snapshot management with Data Protector and HP 3PAR
Data Protector provides a central console through which backup administrators can manage HP 3PAR functionality, including the ability to initiate, schedule, recover, and move 3PAR snapshots from disk to tape for long-term storage. Leverage Data Protector to manage 3PAR snapshots as part of a single-console approach, reducing the need for detailed knowledge of the storage environment, as well as providing the ability to manage backup and recovery across multiple storage tiers.

Data Protector identifies on which storage volumes the desired backup objects are located. Data Protector then requests the creation of a snapshot for each of those volumes by using the 3PAR hardware provider. In 3PAR terminology, this copy is a replica or a virtual copy snapshot. The 3PAR storage system maintains integrity of the data on the snapshots using copy-on-write technology.

After creation, the snapshot is presented to the backup host. Data Protector can then maintain the snapshot on disk for a desired period of time or stream the data to tape according to a predefined schedule.

After backup of data to the tape device is completed, Data Protector can hide the snapshot from the backup host and delete it from the array. The backup administrator can specify how many snapshots Data Protector should retain on the array depending on the recovery needs for each application. The oldest set of virtual copies is deleted by Data Protector before starting a new backup.

Affordable enterprise functionality with the HP Storage P4000
Data Protector software offers sophisticated integration with HP Storage P4000 SAN solutions. The architecture of the iSCSI-based P4000 enables affordable deployment of SAN architectures, because they can be quickly installed in an existing Ethernet environment. Data Protector leverages the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for integration with the Storage P4000.

Data Protector automates the recovery of P4000 snapshots and can restart the application from any point in time. This process is fully automated within the Data Protector console, which saves valuable seconds and avoids the possible errors associated with scripting.

The P4000 SAN solutions are optimized for virtual server environments and are based on a clustered architecture with integrated replication capabilities. Together with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, P4000 SANs offer simple and seamless high availability for virtual machines across servers, storage, and sites. P4000 snapshots offer space-efficient data recovery and can be mounted on any server that accesses the SAN.

Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery can be deployed with the P4000 to improve backup efficiency, and lets you execute, manage, and move snapshots to disk or tape. With the Zero Downtime Backup extension, P4000 snapshot functionality can be easily managed via the Data Protector console, which runs on any Windows or Linux machine connected to the network.

The combination of Data Protector snapshot functionality and the P4000 achieves a highly cost-effective, full-featured, and tightly integrated backup and recovery solution, ideal for mid-market deployments of applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL Server. It also provides an ideal resolution for situations in which backups take too long and use too many resources.

Integration with the HP Storage P6000 and P9000 disk arrays
The Data Protector software's snapshot functionality is also tightly integrated with the P6000 and the P9000 Disk Array families (formerly EVA and XP). Data Protector is fully aligned with the local and remote replication array software, which runs on the arrays (HP Business Copy and HP Continuous Access software). Business Copy software takes snapshots (replicas) of the data to be stored locally on the P9000 or P6000, while the Continuous Access software enables array-to-array replication for remote protection.

Data Protector utilizes this functionality to automate the execution, movement, and overall management of snapshots—it also allows the management of physical and virtual backup operations–from a single console (Figure 3).

As with the P4000, Data Protector can recover P6000 and P9000 snapshots from any point in time.

Data Protector automatically directs Continuous Access to replicate the snapshots locally or on an HP array at a remote location, depending on your organization's configuration and recovery needs. Snapshots can be taken frequently, without impact to server performance, to meet even the most stringent recovery objectives.

HP Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup reduces server overhead and improves restore time. Figure 3: HP Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup reduces server overhead and improves restore time.
In this screenshot of Data Protector's Zero Downtime Backup (Zero Downtime Backup) extension, the administrator is rotating three hardware copies for instant recovery.

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Download the HP Data Protector Software's ZDBIR Datasheet (PDF).

HP Storage Products Data Protector Software ZDBIR
HP Storage Software
HP Data Protector Software's Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery