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HP Storage Essentials Software
Manage storage assets and operations in multivendor heterogeneous environments

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HP Storage Essentials Software

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HP Storage Essentials is an industry-leading storage resource management solution that provides comprehensive application to storage views of heterogeneous infrastructure in physical, cloud and virtual environments. HP Storage Essentials is a single tool that will provide storage optimization and capacity planning, which will allow your enterprise to gain control of all its storage assets and deliver full path awareness of the environments connecting its applications to storage.

Whether your organization has a traditional data center or is part of a hybrid storage environment, you need a comprehensive view of resources to better understand the implications on storage growth. HP Storage Essentials (SE) Enterprise Edition delivers a dashboard view of storage capacity and key performance indicators (KPIs) to benchmark data, identify trends, and respond faster to business needs.

HP SE Enterprise Edition provides an easy-to-use central management interface to help you understand, monitor, control, plan, and manage your heterogeneous storage infrastructure.

You have a choice to adopt agentless, agent-rich, or a hybrid combination of both to solve your storage resource management needs. Storage monitoring is presented through a topology map that displays physical and virtual elements, connections between devices, and disaster recovery mapping for replication. Its support for virtualization spans servers, fabric, and storage. As a result, HP Storage Essentials enables you to manage capacity and performance across the entire storage domain.

Storage operations and resource management

Storage capacity planning software is a central console for managing all aspects of storage operations—assets, configuration, topology, capacity optimization, performance management, chargeback, provisioning, compliance and more. With Storage capacity planning you can manage complexity and growth, improve storage utilization and reduce cost, and align storage service to business needs. Allow yourself to easily handle storage automation for multivendor heterogeneous virtual environments.

Overview of HP SE Functions Overview of HP SE Functions

Features and Benefits:

Key Features

  • Easy to discover and visualize heterogeneous physical and virtual storage, infrastructure, clusters, applications, and displays all device path-dependencies
  • Capacity and performance trending as well as policy-based threshold warning system
  • Storage configuration management, reporting, and root cause analysis
  • VMware infrastructure discovery, reporting, and performance management
  • Heterogeneous SAN fabric security reporting and management
  • Out-of-the-box integration with HP Software products to deliver data center automation

Key Benefits

Saves Money:

  • Forecast future capacity of both physical and virtual assets aligns better with fiscal strategies and investments
  • Reduce or eliminate annual support and license costs associated with array specific point tools
  • Improve Application utilization of existing assets while reducing or eliminating wasted storage space
  • Reduce manpower costs by automating analysis and reporting to increase staff efficiency
  • Improve Capacity management with policy based threshold warning system reduces MTTF and MTTR

Improve quality of service:

  • Reduce time to identify bottle necks with complete path awareness
  • Show storage meets SLA with support for heterogeneous storage including EMC, NTAP, HDS, HP, IBM
  • Improve incident resolution by understanding replication pairs and provide analysis of capacity & utilization across datacenters and geographies

Optimize Design:

  • Decrease impact of storage-network changes with visibility of all physical and virtual inventory
  • Centralized management reporting includes the ability to automate, share, distribute and aggregate global reports
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • Customizable as Agentless, Agent-rich or Hybrid deployments by design

Options to HP SE Enterprise Edition:

HP SE Enterprise Edition includes all the necessary functionalities and capabilities to get you started down the right path for efficient storage optimization and capacity planning. The HP SE Enterprise Edition management server includes various tools to let you monitor and manage your traditional and hybrid devices. Refer to figure 1 for a complete listing of all the included tools and capabilities as well as optional modules and integrations.

Figure 1. HP Storage Essentials product architecture

HP Storage Essentials product architecture

Included with HP SE are 300 out-of-the-box reports. With the optional Report Optimizer, you can create unlimited customizable reports on the infrastructure; such as statistics and usage trends. In addition you get the common information model (CIM) extensions, which gather information from the operating system as well as HBAs and make them available to the management server.

HP SE optional modules

Licensing optional modules provides flexibility with HP SE Enterprise Edition. These include:

Performance Packs for multivendor arrays:

  • Performance Pack — HP performance management solution provides a big-picture, holistic performance view for HP EVA P6000 as well as HP 3PAR F-Series, S-Series, and T-Series Storage Systems.
  • Performance Pack Enterprise — Big-picture view of the entire multivendor array environment including business applications hosts, HBA ports, switch ports, storage system port counters, and arrays for HP XP P9000 series, HP 3PAR P10000 V-Series, EMC Symmetrix DMX/VMAX, and IBM SVC/V7000 storage devices.

Report Optimizer: Delivers simple and intuitive, yet unlimited customizable reporting. These capabilities satisfy unique performance, incident, forecast and compliance needs. Easily automated, shared or distributed for management review.

Application Viewers: Extensive coverage of major databases, Microsoft Exchange Servers. Understand how applications are consuming storage resources and file systems hosted on DAS, NAS, or SAN.

NAS Manager: Automatically discovers your storage assets; collects a wide range of capacity, performance, and configuration details; and maps your topology.

Chargeback Manager: Extends HP SE with asset management and accounting capabilities that enable you to associate storage infrastructure costs with business initiatives to achieve better business outcomes.

HP SE integration solutions

HP SE does not stop at traditional storage resource management and includes a number of powerful HP Software integrations that enhance and increase its value.

  • HP Operations Orchestration: Automate manual and error-prone infrastructure management processes or repeatable tasks with an easy-to-use workflow authoring and execution solution.
  • HP Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB): Perform impact analysis, modeling and reporting of requested changes to storage environments. Automated change tracking and compliance reporting for storage devices.
  • HP Operations Manager: Manage the end-to-end IT service and improve SAN health by populating your operations console service maps with consolidated storage infrastructure elements and identifying incident impact and root cause.
  • HP Executive Scorecard: NEW in HP Storage Essentials version 9.6 HP IT Executive Scorecard automatically gathers Storage Utilization, Path Compliance, and Critical Storage event metrics from across your IT systems to build key performance indicators and provides dashboards for managers to convey the value of IT.
  • HP Server Automation: The Server Automation Storage Visibility and Automation Storage Essentials Connector (SE Connector) is a storage scanner component that collects data from HP SE about SAN elements, inventory, and their connectivity to generate a complete picture of a server, including the SAN resources attached to the server.


Part of the HP IT Performance Suite

HP Storage Essentials is a component of the HP IT Performance Suite, a family of industry-leading solutions. Each of these products help your IT perform better in each of the discrete areas it addresses. HP IT Performance Suite helps your IT organization to perform better by providing unparalleled coverage of the IT domain and a KPI-based scorecard system to enhance outcomes.

HP SE is included in the IT operation management pillar of the suite, which provides products to help maximize your operational efficiency using intelligent automation and performance management across global, heterogeneous, and hybrid environments.

Storage in the Cloud:

Cloud is ubiquitous. Today businesses and IT teams are using this model to deliver applications and services. With the move to cloud there is the increasing scale and complexity of data centers—including applications, virtual and physical servers, networking devices, desktops, and storage infrastructure that need to be managed effectively and efficiently. HP SE helps you with storage optimization and capacity planning to make that move to cloud easier.

  • HP Cloud Service Automation: With HP Cloud Service Automation you can effectively manage any cloud computing environment, rapidly deliver services, and maintain the highest levels of quality, security, and oversight. Including HP Storage Essentials in an enterprise cloud deployment will maintain consistent cloud storage capacity and utilization information to further optimize analysis and growth requirements.
  • HP Cloud System Enterprise: As a key ingredient to ITPS and CSE, HP Storage Essentials will help an organization understand how its cloud-based applications and databases consume storage resources in the Cloud, as well as the provide complete path awareness for troubleshooting incidents and alerts, as well as performance and growth.

HP Software Services:

Get the most from your software investment. We know that your support challenges may vary according to the size and business-critical needs of your organization.

HP provides technical software support services that address all aspects of your software lifecycle. This gives you the flexibility of choosing the appropriate support level to meet your specific IT and business needs. Use HP cost-effective software support to free up IT resources, so you can focus on other business priorities and innovation. HP

Software Support Services gives you:

  • One stop for all your software and hardware services saving you time with one call 24x7, 365 days a year
  • Support for: VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, and SUSE Linux as well as HP Insight Software
  • Fast answers giving you technical expertise and remote tools to access fast answers, reactive problem resolution, and proactive problem prevention
  • Global Reach Consistent Service Experience giving global technical expertise locally


Download the HP Storage Essentials Software Datasheet (PDF).

HP Storage Products Essentials Software
HP Storage Software
HP Storage Essentials Software