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HP StoreFabric 8/80 SAN Switch
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HP StoreFabric 8/80 SAN Switch

HP Storage Products StoreFabric 8-80
HP StoreFabric Storage Switches
USA: FREE Ground ShippingHP 8/80 SAN Switch with 48 active ports (Base)
USA: FREE Ground ShippingHP 8/80 SAN Switch Power Pack+ with 48 active ports

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The HP 8/80 SAN Switch is ideal for medium- to large-sized organizations that need a scalable, high-availability solution that will facilitate consolidation and the flexibility to meet rapidly evolving storage requirements. Whether an organization's requirements call for a standalone high port count switch, a high port count core switch, or a large building block for a tiered enterprise fabric, the 8/80 SAN Switch provides the highest performance, highest scalability, availability, and best investment protection available to meet the needs of today's consolidated virtual data center.

To support mission-critical environments, the 8/80 SAN Switch features a non-blocking architecture with as many as 80 ports concurrently active at 8 Gbit/sec full duplex with no over-subscription-providing an aggregate bandwidth of 1280 Gbit/sec. Inter- Switch Link (ISL) trunking can supply up to 64 Gbit/sec of balanced data throughput to reduce congestion and increase bandwidth. It also supports new virtualization technologies that are driving efficiency and flexibility benefits. For example, organizations that have deployed virtual server environments require higher levels of connectivity for consolidation and higher levels of performance to costeffectively meet the demands of virtual data centers.

The 8/80 SAN Switch is an 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch and delivers up to 80 ports in a 2u footprint. The switch is available in two models with a 16 port upgrade license to add ports non-disruptively:

  • HP 8/80 SAN Switch Power Pack+ with 48 active ports and value added software
  • HP 8/80 SAN Switch with 48 active ports (Base)

The density of the 8/80 SAN Switch uniquely enables fan-out from the core of the data center fabric with less than half the number of switch devices to manage compared to traditional 32- or 40-port edge switches. When deployed as a core SAN fabric switch, the fully enabled 80 port SAN Switch provides a single-switch core footprint that is ideal for SAN fan-out using lower-density B-series switches. This single-domain solution is ideal for environments that have high port count needs but do not require the capabilities of a directorclass fabric core.

The 8/80 SAN Switch provides a reliable SAN foundation by employing enterprise-class availability features such as hot-swappable, redundant, and integrated fan and power supply assemblies. Moreover, hot code load and activation help maximize application uptime with faster system upgrades and maintenance to reduce the dependency on scheduled outages. Combined with a wide range of diagnostic and monitoring functions, these capabilities help provide a highly available SAN environment.

As an option for connecting switches in a fabric, the 8/80 SAN Switch provides Fibre Channel Integrated Routing capabilities. Integrated Routing provides native Fibre Channel Routing on a per-port basis rather than limiting routing to special-purpose routing switches or blades. Integrated Routing uses EX_Ports to import/export devices between fabrics, enabling selective device sharing while maintaining remote fabric isolation for higher levels of scalability and fault isolation.

The 8/80 SAN Switch Power Pack+ includes the 8/80 SAN Switch (Base) with additional software: Adaptive Networking, Fabric Watch, ISL Trunking, Extended Fabric, Server Application Optimization, and Performance Monitor. Power Pack+ software provides the SAN administrator with the necessary tools to monitor the health and performance of the network, while also ensuring the highest levels of security, scalability and manageability. Enhanced Power Pack+ capabilities are based on the new Adaptive Networking software, a suite of tools for optimizing fabric behavior and ensuring ample bandwidth for mission-critical applications. Power Pack+ software enables infrastructure management through a single-pane-of-glass.

The 8/80 SAN Switch enables organizations to use 4 Gbit/sec SFPs today and upgrade to 8 Gbit/sec SFPs, so they can fully leverage their existing IT resources and seamlessly incorporate new capabilities as necessary.

Features and Benefits:

High Performance

  • Includes simultaneous wire-speed support for all ports to provide a high-performance system with aggregate bandwidth of up to 1280 Gb/s full duplex
  • Enables rapid deployment with minimal configuration in existing environments; provides the highest performance available, with complete backward and forward investment protection
  • Enables “pay-as-you-grow” non disruptive scalability from 48 to 80 ports for easy, scalable growth in highly dynamic business environments
  • Flexible options for connectivity with either Fibre Channel or FICON

High Scalability

  • Simplifies SAN management, negating the need to map application performance requirements to port speeds
  • Optional software improves scalability and fault isolation on a per-port basis; delivers architecture flexibility, negating the need to deploy a dedicated routing platform or consume director slots
  • Allows up to eight ports (at 2, 4, or 8 Gb/s speeds) between a pair of switches to be combined to form a single logical ISL with a speed of up to 64 Gb/s (128 Gb/s full duplex) for optimal bandwidth utilization and load balancing

Improved TCO

  • Optimizes fabric-wide performance and load balancing by automatically routing data to all available paths in the fabric
  • Single code stream supports the entire B-series portfolio, providing full forward and backward compatibility among B-series SAN switches and simplifying maintenance and software upgrades
  • Advanced fabric services to optimize SAN performance and resource utilization

Investment Protection

  • Delivers low latency, power efficiency, and high reliability while providing a highly scalable and flexible platform for advanced fabric services.


  HP StoreFabric 8/80 SAN Switch
Fibre Channel ports 80 ports, universal (E, F, and FL)
Number of ports
  • 48 Fibre Channel
  • 48 Active
  • 80 Maximum
Performance 1.063 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex; 2.125 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex; 4.25 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex; 8.5 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex. Autosensing of 1 Gbit/sec, 2 Gbit/sec, 4 Gbit/sec ,and 8 Gbit/sec port speeds; optionally programmable to fixed port speed. Speed-matching between 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbit/sec ports.
Aggregate switch bandwidth 1,280 Gb/s; Maximum
Encryption capability No
Protocol supported Fibre Channel, Routing
ISL Trunking Up to eight 8 Gbit/sec ports per ISL trunk; up to 64 Gbit/sec per ISL trunk
Fabric latency 2100 nanoseconds with no contention, cut-through routing at 8 Gbit/sec
Maximum frame size 2112-byte payload
Classes of service Class 2, Class 3, Class F (inter-switch frames)
Port types FL_Port, F_Port, E_Port, EX_Port, M_Port (Mirror Port), and self-discovery based on switch type (U_Port)
Data traffic types Fabric switches supporting unicast, multicast (255 groups), and broadcast
Media types Hot-pluggable, industry-standard Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP), LC connector; Short-Wave Laser (SWL), Long-Wave Laser (LWL); Extended Long- Wave Laser (ELWL); distance depends on fiber-optic cable and port speed. Supports B-series SFP (4/2/1 Gbit/sec) and/or B-series SFP+ (8/4/2 Gbit/sec) optical transceivers.
USB One USB port for system log file downloads or firmware upgrades
Fabric services Simple Name Server (SNS); Registered State Change Notification (RSCN), NTP v3, Reliable Commit Service (RCS), Dynamic Path Selection (DPS), Advanced Zoning (default zoning, port/WWN zoning, broadcast zoning), NPIV, FDMI, Management Server, Enhanced Group Management ; SAN Network Advisor,FSPF, Fabric Watch; Extended Fabrics; ISL Trunking; Advanced Performance Monitoring, Adaptive Networking (per-data flow QoS, Ingress Rate Limiting, Traffic Isolation, fabric dynamics profiling, application "Top Talkers" report), Server Application Optimization, Integrated Routing, IPFC
Options SFP media, USB Device
Availability features Hot code load; Ports on demand with no downtime
Management features
  • B-series SAN Network Advisor
  • Integration with Storage Essentials
Management software supported Telnet; SNMP (FE MIB, FC Management MIB); Advanced WEB TOOLS; Enhanced Group Management ; SAN Network Advisor
Management access 10/100 Ethernet port (RJ-45); Serial port (RS-232); in-band through Management Server
Diagnostics POST and embedded online/offline diagnostics
Software (optional)
  • Power Pack+ Software
  • Port Upgrade
  • Integrated Routing
  • Adaptive Networking
  • ISL Trunking
  • Fabric Watch
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Server Application Optimization
Dimensions and Weight
Enclosure Back-to-front airflow; power from back
Form factor 2U
Minimum Dimensions
(W x D x H)
10 x 21.56 x30.94 in
Weight 45.2 lbs
Temperature Operating: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Non-operating: -25° to 70° C (-13° to 158° F)
Humidity Operating: 10 to 85 percent non-condensing
Altitude Operating: Up to 3000 meters (9842 feet)
Storage: Up to 12 kilometers (39,370 feet)
Shock Operating: 20 g, 6 ms half-sine
Non-operating: 33 g, 11 ms, 3/eg Axis
Vibration Operating: 0.5 g sine, 0.4 grms random, 5 to 500 Hz
Non-operating: 2.0 g sine, 1.1 grms random, 5 to 500 Hz
High speed 60 CFM (cu. ft./min)
Low speed 44 CFM
Maximum Consumption 275 Watts (80 ports at 8 Gbit/s)
Nominal consumption 260 Watts
AC input voltage 85- 264 VAC, Universal
Input line frequency 47 - 63 Hz
Minimum input voltage 85 VAC
Maximum input voltage 264 VAC
Heat Dissipation 938 BTU/hr
What's Included
Differentiator (48) active ports, base software (Fabric OS, Web Tools, Advanced Zoning), Power Pack+ (Adaptive Network, ISL Trunking, Extended Fabric, Advanced Perform Monitoring, SAO, Fabric Watch) RoHS2 Compliant
Warranty - year(s) (parts/labor/onsite) 1/1/1
What's in the box 8/80 SAN Switch with (48) active ports rack-mount kit, accessory kit (enterprise safety and regulatory information, installation guide, rack-mounting instructions), power cords, serial cable, base software of Advanced Fabric OS, Advanced Web Tools, Advanced Zoning, SAN Network Advisor Professional and Power Pack+ software of Adaptive Networking, ISL Trunking, Extended Fabric, Advanced Performance Monitoring, Server Application Optimization, and Fabric Watch.

HP Technology Services:

Tap into the HP support services advantage, to make the most of your investments. Depending on your individual support requirements, choose from three levels of support that cover your storage lifecycle.

Optimized Care: delivers best performance and stability through deployment and proactive management practices

  • HP Critical Advantage Level 3 Service - Choose this service when you need an end-to-end infrastructure support solution that encompasses server, operating system, hypervisor, storage, and network. It's the level of support well suited for business-critical applications running on virtualized and x86 infrastructures. (Includes 60 Critical Advantage flexible credits.)


  • 3-Year HP Critical Service - Designed for environments where downtime cannot be tolerated, HP monitors your environment around-the-clock, 365 days a year. We implement improvement projects to mitigate risks and reduce incidents. If outages do occur, they are addressed immediately with access to our dedicated critical support escalation resources.

Standard Care: Maintains high level of uptime, along with expert help to cut the cost and complexity of implementation and support

  • HP Critical Advantage Level 2 Service - Opt for end-to-end infrastructure support including server, operating system, hypervisor, storage, and network in an environment running business critical applications on virtualized and x86 infrastructures. (Includes 30 Critical Advantage flexible credits.)


  • 3-Year HP Proactive 24 Service - This is the right choice for environments where some downtime is acceptable. HP helps manage your IT environment for improved performance, stability, and availability. Your incidents are addressed 24x7, with a maximum 4-hour onsite response 365 days a year.


  • HP Proactive Select - Choose from an extensive menu of consultancy and technical services, such as onsite firmware upgrades, health checks, assessments, and education. (Includes 30 Proactive Select flexible credits.)

Basic Care: Delivers the minimum recommended support

  • 3-Year HP Proactive 24 Service - This is the right choice for environments where some downtime is acceptable. HP helps manage your IT environment for improved performance, stability, and availability. Your incidents are addressed 24x7, with a maximum 4-hour onsite response 365 days a year.

If none of our support recommendations meet your needs, we can tailor a service solution for your unique support requirements. HP brings together deep expertise, proactive and business critical support, and a strong partner network—plus, a full set of infrastructure services designed to power a converged infrastructure.


Download the HP StoreFabric 8/80 SAN Switch QuickSpecs (PDF).

HP Storage Products StoreFabric 8-80
HP StoreFabric Storage Switches
USA: FREE Ground ShippingHP 8/80 SAN Switch with 48 active ports (Base)
USA: FREE Ground ShippingHP 8/80 SAN Switch Power Pack+ with 48 active ports