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HP StoreOnce VSA
Backup appliance at a price you can afford

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HP Storage Products StoreOnce VSA
HP StoreOnce Backup
HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB 3-year LTU
HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB 3-year E-LTU

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HP StoreOnce Backup systems reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by up to 95%, so with our scale-out architecture you can pay-as-you-grow to retain up to 10 petabytes of data in a single pool. They provide automated backup and DR operations with all the features you'd expect from disk backup, and some you can only get from HP.

HP StoreOnce Catalyst delivers industry-leading backup speeds of up to 100TB/hour to meet shrinking backup windows, plus Federated Deduplication across the enterprise so you can dedupe data anywhere to suit your configuration. Choose between powerful dedicated appliances for larger offices and data centers, and flexible VMware virtual machines for smaller and remote offices.

With HP’s single StoreOnce deduplication technology, managing the movement of data across the enterprise has never been easier. Seamlessly integrating with your current backup applications, StoreOnce Backup provides flexible integration for both SAN and virtualized environments

Features and Benefits:

Federated Deduplication across the enterprise with a single deduplication technology - StoreOnce

  • Deduplicate anywhere -- at the application source or at the backup server or at the target appliance. Deduplicate where it makes sense for your business, not where technology vendors’ limitations mandate.
  • Save time and money by moving data around the enterprise in its deduplicated state.
  • HP StoreOnce delivers a unified solution for seamless data movement across the enterprise; with cost-effective virtual backup machines ideal for smaller remote offices, high-performance dedicated appliances for larger sites, and highly scalable, powerful systems for your data center.
  • Federated Deduplication is available across the HP StoreOnce Backup portfolio – including dedicated appliances, virtual backup solutions, and on media servers and application servers with HP Data Protector and Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec software through OST.

Industry-leading, Scale-out Architecture with Greater Resilience

  • Scale-out architecture allows you to pay as you grow. Choose capacity points available through virtual backup solutions or dedicated appliances that start small and allow you to add in virtual capacity, shelves or nodes as needed.
  • With a range of native capacity points to suit enterprise wide requirements: from large-scale 768 TB raw (512 TB useable) in the data center, to 96 TB raw (76 TB useable) for mid-size regional offices, and down to between 1 and 10 TBs for small and remote offices.
  • Add capacity and performance online with no need for additional planned downtime. With StoreOnce VSA backup service providers can rapidly stand-up or retire up to 10TB of additional capacity to meet changing customer requirements.
  • Autonomic Failover -- HP StoreOnce B6200 uniquely delivers industry-leading availability with no single point of failure. If a node fails, its companion node picks up the load and the backup continues without any operator involvement.
  • All HP StoreOnce Backup systems are built with RAID protection.

Backup within your Window with our Industry Leading Backup Performance

  • A broad range of superior price/performance points to meet backup windows across the enterprise.
  • Up to 100 TB/hour backup speeds at the high-end, with price/performance points down to the entry-level 1 TB/hour with StoreOnce Catalyst.
  • Up to 40 TB/hour native backup speeds when used as a VTL target.
  • Up to 40 TB/hour industry leading restore speeds. StoreOnce Backup restores at the same speed as native ingest.
  • Available as purpose built backup appliances or flexible VMware virtual appliance with centralized monitoring through StoreOnce Enterprise Manager.

Automated, Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery Operations with StoreOnce Catalyst

  • Manage backup and Disaster Recovery operations from a single pane of glass with StoreOnce Catalyst.
  • Implement Disaster Recovery plans that were not previously feasible due to lack of multi-site capabilities, cost of bandwidth and time.
  • One-to-many Disaster Recovery moves data simultaneously from one site to many sites.
  • Cascaded Disaster Recovery moves data sequentially from one site to any number of other sites.
  • Alerting and trending in StoreOnce Enterprise Manager to enable backup capacity management.


  HP StoreOnce VSA
Drive description Provisioned from host resources
Drive type
  • (0) Included
  • Provisioned from host resources
Host interface 1 GbE vNIC Minimum
Transfer rate 500 GB/hr; Up to 500 GB/hr depending on VSA configuration and host resources
Virtual appliance Yes
Deduplication HP StoreOnce deduplication
Number of virtual tape libraries and NAS targets 4
Tape cartridges emulated (maximum) (396) Maximum
Number of source appliances, maximum 1
Tape device emulated HP LTO-2/LTO-3/LTO-4/LTO 5 Ultrium Tape Drives in MSL2024 Tape Library, MSL4048 Tape Library, HP D2D generic library with HP D2D generic tape library
Target for backup applications StoreOnce Catalyst, Virtual Tape Library (iSCSI) and CIFS)
Storage expansion options Add capacity in 1TB increments to maximum 10TB
RAID support Depending on VMware environment
Replication support Included
What's Included
Differentiator VMware Virtual appliance E-LTU/LTU
Warranty - year(s) (parts/labor/onsite) 3 years business hours phone support
What's in the box HP StoreOnce VSA to enable up to 10 TB of disk storage. Includes: StoreOnce Catalyst license, Replication license, Link to download virtual appliance image, Electronic (email) delivery of license key entitlement, 3 year HP support

HP Technology Services:

Choose from a rich portfolio of services to make the most of HP Storage, so you can move with confidence to take full advantage of the broadest, most advanced portfolio in the industry.

Discover, plan, and design—services to help you understand your options and build it right from day one:

  • HP Backup Recovery Efficiency Analysis
  • HP Backup Recovery Impact Analysis
  • HP Backup Recovery Modernization

Deploy and integrate—increase uptime and decrease risk as you free up your resources:

  • HP StoreOnce Data Replication Solution Service
  • HP StoreOnce Catalyst Solution Service
  • HP StoreOnce Health Check
  • HP Storage Data Migration Services
  • HP Storage and Data Consultant Residency Service
  • HP Proactive Select

Operate and support—meet service level agreements (SLAs) with the right support level. Choose from three levels of operate and support care:

  • Optimized Care—delivers the highest levels of performance and stability through deployment and proactive management practices:
    • HP Proactive Care 24x7—Plus, 20 credits per year
    • Additional options: HP Proactive Care Personalized Support (once per each new Proactive Care support environment), HP Personalized Support Additional Day, and an additional 10 HP Proactive Select credits per year
  • Standard Care—maintains a high level of uptime, along with expert help to cut the cost and complexity of implementation and support:
    • HP Proactive Care 24x7—plus, 20 credits per year, per array
    • Additional options: HP Proactive Care Personalized Support (once per each new Proactive Care support environment), HP Personalized Support Additional Day, and an additional 10 HP Proactive Select credits per year, per array
  • Basic Care—minimum recommended support
    • Support Plus 24—Plus, 10 credits per year
    • Additional options: 10 Proactive Select credits per year

If none of our support recommendations meets your needs, we can tailor a service solution for your unique support requirements. Only HP brings together deep expertise, proactive and business-critical support, and a strong partner network—plus a full set of infrastructure services designed to power a converged infrastructure.


Download the HP StoreOnce Backup Datasheet (PDF).

HP Storage Products StoreOnce VSA
HP StoreOnce Backup
HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB 3-year LTU
HP StoreOnce VSA 10TB 3-year E-LTU